Artists Circle and Links
Awesome Art Supply value community support. In this Artists Circle, we like to invite you to visit our fellow artists' pages, art related services, e.g. Portrait Commission, art classes, fine art sale, teaching opportunities and much more.
If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.
Awesome Art Supply is proud of providing quality Sumi materials to teachers, artists from national and local art associations.
Please see introduction and view art work from artists from different associations at the  bottom of this page.
Private Lessons
    Drawing, Oil, Pastel and Sumi painting and Calligraphy instructions are offered as private lessons. Please contact us for more information.

   "Distant Learning - Lessons by Mail" -- the traditional way of learning Sumi painting and calligraphy is here now! It is sufficient, and productive, and non-threatening for some people.
   It is simple: You paint or writing calligraphy and mail them to us with stamped return envelope. Submit a check of $40 for a lesson. Each lesson, up to 10 art work you have done.
   Our instructor -Master Yuming Zhu will write comments/critiques and demo strokes for you and mail all these with your original art back to you.

   For registered students, get your class supply before you attend the first class.

Information about Sumi art groups:

Puget Sound Sumi Artists
Puget Sound Sumi Artists is “an association of sumi-e and Asian calligraphy artists actively engaged in creating original work and for persons interested in the encouragement and development of sumi-e and Asian calligraphy in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.”

PSSA meets monthly for educational programs, holds exhibits of members work and works to bring sumi and calligraphy to local communities and schools.

Sumi-e Society of America
A nonprofit organization, the SSA and its local chapter affiliates around the US were founded to foster appreciation of East Asian brush painting and calligraphy, to create a bridge between East Asian and Western cultures, to exhibit Sumi-e art in public and private venues, and to conduct educational activities such as lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

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