Sumi Pi Ma Semi-Absortant Paper (100 Sheets)
Sumi Pi Ma Semi-Absortant Paper (100 Sheets)

Sumi Pi Ma Semi-Absortant Paper (100 Sheets)

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semi-absorbent rice paper for splashing ink painting & calligraphy and evn mounting paintings.
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All time favorite paper. Pi Ma Paper. Landscape, floral, figure painting, making a lamp shade, a kite, this is the most versatile paper. Ideal for Splashing Ink technique.

This is ideal for as wet mounting backing paper- tough, not easy to tear but soft and flexible for scroll mounting. (Marsa paper can't function like that and is rigid for mounting.)

It is semi-absorbent, Very touch paper, if you need it bleeding more, just wet wash or moist the paper for special bleeding effect.
Traditional rice paper for painting & calligraphy. Pi-Ma is good for all subjects & landscape. Made for tough, can take repetitively paint over same spot and excellent for easy mounting. This paper is different from other thick paper-- it is responsive to ink variation.

Size: 30'' x 58'' each sheet.
Shipped folded. (All traditional Sumi paper of large sheet is shipped folded.)

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