Sumi Artist Start Kit
Sumi Artist Start Kit

Sumi Artist Start Kit

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An complete sumi art start kit. All treasure of sumi materials needed for cumi painting and calligraphy.110
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This is a complete Sumi start set. All quality yet low cost materials to create Sumi, Chinese watercolor painting and calligraphy.
In an artist studio, or on an artist's desk, there are essential good quality materials for Sumi art, referred as Four Treasures: ink stick, Ink Stone, paper and brushes. Yet we can't miss the felt, palette and color. this set gives you all.
  • Three professional Brushes: Combination, Mountain Horse and Fine detail Brush
  • One 4" round "Silver Line" natural Ink Stone with lid
  • One large "Jade Purple" ink stick, 62 g.
  • One lotus shape porcelain palette
  • One 12-color set of Sumi watercolor 12 ml. each color
  • One must to have ''Ivy'' wool  felt (20''x39'')
  • One roll of hand-made ''Best Shuan'' rice paper roll (10 sheets, 13.5''x54 each'')

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