Mood Stamp Ink excellency
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Mood Stamp Ink excellency

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Mood stamp. Green earth Stone. Chinese stone stamp. Seal style,
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The imprint means: Ink Excellency
Yes, the stamp has already been carved. It usually says a proverb, good wishes, blessing and etc. A blessing present for you and your loved ones. It is called mood stamp, or correctly it should be called leisure stamp which usually reflect an artist's emotion of the painting he/she is creating. To stamp a chop with proper proverbs or phrase will add great touch to your art work.
This stamp was hand-carved by Paragon artist.

This Green Earth stone is similar as soap stone yet harder. Square stone with vivid dragon carved on top which creates some movement in serenity.
It comes with a box.

Stone: 9/16" diameter round  x 1-7/8"
Imprint: 9/16" diameter round

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