'Long Fiber' Single Absorbant Sumi Rice Paper (package of 100 sheets)

"Long Fiber" Single Absorbant Sumi Rice Paper (package of 100 sheets)

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Absorbant, single, Traditional rice paper for painting & calligraphy. Raw, Absorbent.
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Professional paper with natural fiber of staw.  Very organic and natural looking.

Size: 27'' x 54''(Whole Sheet)

*Package of 100 sheets to save you bundle. The paper will be shipped folded as the factory package. 

Rice paper is also spell as Shuen, Shuan, and most currently Xuan paper. Strictly, most rice paper are not supposed to be called Shuan (Xuan) paper. Only those paper made in Xuan region and from the materials growing in that area, and were made through specific processes are truly called Shuan (Xuan) paper.

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