Horse Passion
Horse Passion

Horse Passion

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Inspired by opera, Yuming paints music in oil.
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Original oil painting on paper by Yuming Zhu

Painting size: 30" x 24"
Wood Frame.

It is Asian, it is European. It is East Meets West. The lines and color blending east and west passion. Music was heard through the light .

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Yuming Zhu is a very passionate and well-known artist. Sumi/Chinese Watercolor, Oil and Pastel are the mediums Yuming loves to express himself with. He participated in the “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” program that was offered through the Seattle Art Museum and KCTS Channel 9.

He calls his style "Trans-ism" which means constant involving.  "if you have one style establishes, then your art becomes a formality. People see your art through one fixed vision, recognize you via your "persona". This is not true art even the society, majority galleries and collectors like to Recognize you or your art that way. But "this is not my way." quoted from Yuming. "Feel the difference every time you view my art."

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