After Rain After Sunshine
After Rain After Sunshine

After Rain After Sunshine

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Pastel sketch on my backyard.
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Original Plein Air Oil painting by Yuming Zhu 

It is very confusing: the Sun is playing Hide and Seek with rain. Sun or no Sun, rain or not rain, that is a big question. This is the feeling of my willow tree.

Painting size: 14" x 7", Mat Size: 20" x 12"
Matted with clear plastic bag . 
Oil on board.

Free Shipping continental US. Mattered with plastic bag.

Style: Transism – Transism is an idea, a belief, a practice, a concept or simply an “ism”. 

Awards, Collections:

Several awards I don't know how and why I got them. Do awards really matter to a true artist?

Thanks to lots of collectors. Not able to list them here.

 Publication and Reviews:

 “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” – demo for the painting section, by Seattle Asian Art Museum and Channel 9, Public TV.

“Interpretation of Four Gentlemen” – DVD by Paragon International Arts.

“Top 50 Emerging Artists”  by Art Business News magazine.

“Simply Sumi-E, Capturing Nature with Sumi-E Master Yuming Zhu” by  Art Business Magazine.

Artist and Cultural Consultant for Amazon Series: “The Man In The High Castle”. (EMMY Awards Nominated)

"I land my brush with the force of a giant rock splashing into the ocean.  I am not looking for a beautiful painting, but to express Life itself."

"Painting is just like a stacking of passions. Painting is a method of striping myself naked and facing the truth of my inner emotion."

I invite the viewer to experience through my paintings the joy of being alive right at this moment.

Originally from Shanghai, Yuming began studying under the masters at a young age. After his BA from China, Yuming came to the States and graduated from Sonoma State University with his MA in 1991. Working in oils, pastels and Chinese/Sumi Watercolors, Yuming's work is a unique blend of East meets West artistry. It is a style that Yuming refers to as "Transism", in reference to the constantly evolving interests, which include observations on modern life, a love of music, and an exploration of his own unique heritage. "I paint to achieve balance and harmony. Once I reach that, I will for sure break it”

“My art is just a channel, through it I invite people to look the world differently, to feel new sensations, to arouse emotions one dare not to have before.” Fascinated about the relationship between art and music, Yuming always says: “I love to paint music! I invite the viewer to listen to my painting rather than seeing”. “Emotion flows from line to color to form. I feel music informs me how to paint more than the act of painting itself.”


Delacroix, Corot, Rembrandt, Toulos-Lautrec, BaDa, ShiTao, Xu Hui, Van Gogh, Wu ChangShuo, Klimt, Escher and other immortal artists.


Yuming shows his work at Yuming Fine Art Studio.

To see more variety of his work, you can visit featured by Paragon Arts.

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