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Class Supply List

Class Supply List

These lists are for local students taking the Chinese Watercolor (Sumi) classes but everyone is welcome to use them as references.

When buying items in the stores, please select products supplied by Paragon. Other suppliers might not provide items with the quality requirement approved by the instructors.

For New Students
For Returning Students
Where to buy?

For New Students

ASK-STAR2 Sumi Starter Kit
Kit includes:
  • a large wolf hair brush for bold strokes
  • a professional quality combination brush for versatile use
  • a fine line brush for details
  • a 4" rectangular ink stone
  • a "Yellow Mt. Pine" ink stick
  • an "Ivy" felt (20''x39'')
  • rice paper (10 sheets, 13.5"x54 each")

For Returning Students

Type Product # Description
Wolf Hair
(select one)
Orchid and Bamboo - high quality wolf hair brush (L)
Orchid and Bamboo (M)
Orchid and Bamboo (S)
ABW-5WB10Mountain Horse  (M)
ABW-5WB02 Northern Wolf - economical substitute
ABW-5WB07 Good Luck - for beginners
Flow Brush
= Combination
(select one
or more)
ABF-3FB01 Magic Jade Bamboo
- a magic brush for lots of expression, best flow brush
ABF-3FB04 Rattail Fine Line - fabulous for smooth, fine and delicate lines
ABF-3FB02 Half Moon Flow - high quality flow brush
ABF-3FB03 Best Combination - quality flow brush for less $, nice alternative
ABF-3FB05 Smoothie - economical substitute for Half Moon Flow or Best Combination
Magic Jade Bamboo and Rattail Fine Line are both highly recommended to own
Sheep Hair
(select one)
ABS-4SB02 White Egret - very good long sheep hair brush
ABS-4SB01 Long Hair
Detail Brush
(select one)
ABD-6DLB2 Happy Dot
ABD-6DLB1 Red Bean - a quality brush for drawing fine lines
ABD-6DLB4 Super Fine
Hake Brush
= Wash Brush
(select one)
Hake Brush (1.5")
Hake Brush (2")
Hake Brush (2.5")
Hake Brush (3")

These brushes are also highly recommended:
Linzi (ABF-3FB09) - a super fine long bristle brush
Calligraphy brushes: Zuan Brush (ABC-1CB03), Jin Ti (ABC-1CB01/ABC-1CB02), or White Cloud (ABF-3FB06) - very economical flow brush

Ink and Ink Stick (select one or both kind)
Bottle Ink AIB-YD125
"Yi De" ink, 125 ml (in dark green paper box)
"Yi De" ink, 250 ml
"Yi De" ink, 500 ml
Ink Stick
(select one)
Golden Orchid
Yellow Mountain Pine
China Premium
Shanghai Premium
Jade Purple Ink Stick

Ink Stone (select one)
Round AIS-2ST05
Paragon 5" round ink grinding stone with lid
Paragon 4" round ink grinding stone with lid
Rectangular AIS-3ST04 4" rectangular ink stone

Paper (select one)
APS-57P1R Jin Pi - one of the best rice paper brand
APS-57P2R Best Shuan - economical good quality paper
APS-57P6R Green Line
APS-57P3R Double Shuan
APS-57P10RSprinkle Gold Shuan (popular)


Other Optional Supplies

  • Water dripper
  • Books with some good copies of ancient or current masters' works
  • A Chinese Calligraphy Book, and calligraphy tracing practice book (can be purchased at NW Art Supply or Bellevue Art & Frame or Dakota in Seattle)
  • Paper weight - rocks from your back yard or fancy ones
  • A name seal, stamp also called chop (for signing your work). Ask your instructor. (Stamps of proverb or studio name are recommended)

Where to buy?
In Seattle:
  • Daniel Smith Artists' Materials (206) 812-5877
    4150 First Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98124
In Bellevue/Everett:
  • Bellevue Art & Frame (425) 453-8959
    1024 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
  • Daniel Smith Artists' Materials, Bellevue Store (206) 812-5877
    15112 NE 24th. Street,Bellevue, WA
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