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Sumi Book Recommendations

Oriental Painting Course

A great introduction to the art of Chinese painting. The colorful pages are entertaining and informative. This book shows both the traditional and modern styles of Chinese painting. It also goes through the tools and accessories related to this ancient art form.

Chinese Brushwork in Calligraphy and Painting

In the art of Sumi, Calligraphy and painting go hand in hand. This book shows you the how-to for both forms of the art. It also included the history of Chinese brushwork to show the incarnations of both Chinese characters and painting styles.

The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting

Use this book to perfect your fundamental skills in painting techniques and object constructions. Although the paintings in this book couldn't show the nuance in gradation, it is still a must for serious Sumi artists.

The Ch'i of the Brush

This book illustrates the fundamental elements and traditional motifs of the Literati style. Readers can also follow a series of step-by-step worksheets to paint "Enchanting Flowers." It also includes instructions for mounting and adding Chinese seals to your final painting.


Fusion of Eastern and Western art. Very inspirational for Sumi study.

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